Vancouver Crossings

East / West

  • Cross Nanaimo at 20th
  • Cross Broadway at Slocan
  • Cross 12th at Slocan
  • No beg buttons on Kaslo at 1st, Broadway and 12th
  • Cross Knight at 47th
  • Cross Knight at 37th
  • Cross Knight at 19th
  • Cross Main at 18th
  • Cross Main at 14th
  • Cross Fraser at 19th
  • Cross Cambie at 14th
  • Cross Cambie at 18th
  • Cross Cambie at 20th
  • Cross Victoria at 22nd

North / South

  • Cross 12th at Heather
  • Cross Kingsway at Glen
  • Cross Kingsway at Miller
  • Cross Kingsway at Windsor
  • Cross 49th at Cypress
  • Cross 49th at Tisdall (not Heather or Willow)
  • Cross 41st at Angus
  • Cross 1st at Lilooet
  • Cross 29th at Atlin
  • No safe crossing at Skeena and 1st Avenue (just walk)

Unless you're physically distancing, please Do Not Run on the Road

I know there is less traffic but but please don’t run on the road unless you have to in order to maintain physical distancing. All it takes is one car at 50km/h to kill a runner. If you are going to run on the road wear lights and don’t wear headphones!

Garmin Varia Rtl510 Radar Works

  • Bought the Varia RTL 510 Radar and an Edge 130 computer a couple of weeks ago.
  • Works great! Now I want a colour Garmin computer!
  • Can’t wait until there is competition and other companies support radar!

Reluctant Road Bicyclist

  • I’ve purchased an All City “cross bike” and become a reluctant :-) road bicyclist!
  • Super fun but super dangerous due to people driving cars badly and potholes!
  • Also clip in pedals are more efficient but super impractical for normal city riding #ymmv

Full vancouver >5 degrees raingear

tl;dr: If it’s raining and over 5 degrees, I wear: crocs, maloja waterproof bicycling shorts (with wicking underwear), gloves, Dish and Duer rain shield vest. If it’s raining hard I add a happy days rain cape .

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