Do you really need to wear socks when bicycling to work in the rain?

tl;dr: My thesis is:NO you don’t have to wear socks when bicycling to work in the rain if your commute is less than 10 km one way and it’s >= about 5 degrees Celsius


  • If you don’t have bad circulation and your one way ride is less than 10km than consider bicycling to work without socks.
  • Why no socks? Easy. You are going to get wet anyway and you dry faster. Socks get smelly :-) since you sweat even in the rain!And many other reasons such as it’s probably better for your skin.
  • Socks help when it’s cold but Vancouver weather is not cold. In Vancouver, Canada the number of days below 5 degrees Celsius is usually less than 10. Actually usually less than 5!
  • I wear Crocs but Native Shoes or other type vegan shoe with holes to enable easy draining will be fine!
  • Try it you might like it!