Vancouver Crossings

East / West

  • Cross Nanaimo at 20th
  • Cross Broadway at Slocan
  • Cross 12th at Slocan
  • No beg buttons on Kaslo at 1st, Broadway and 12th
  • Cross Knight at 47th
  • Cross Knight at 37th
  • Cross Knight at 19th
  • Cross Main at 18th
  • Cross Main at 14th
  • Cross Fraser at 19th
  • Cross Cambie at 14th
  • Cross Cambie at 18th
  • Cross Cambie at 20th
  • Cross Victoria at 22nd

North / South

  • Cross 12th at Heather
  • Cross Kingsway at Glen
  • Cross Kingsway at Miller
  • Cross Kingsway at Windsor
  • Cross 49th at Cypress
  • Cross 49th at Tisdall (not Heather or Willow)
  • Cross 41st at Angus
  • Cross 1st at Lilooet
  • Cross 29th at Atlin
  • No safe crossing at Skeena and 1st Avenue (just walk)